14DRL written in 2010. Takes place in a Klein bottle world where walls can be picked up and moved and all the villains are TV tropes.
System requirements: Python and Curses.
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Mutant Aliens!
Written for the 2012 7 Day Roguelike Challenge, updated for 2012 Annual Roguelike Release Party. With a strictly limited supply of health and ammunition, explore a jungle full of strange buildings and alien monsters. Try to destroy the radio transmitter that's keeping your spaceship grounded.
System requirements: Windows, or C++ compiler and Curses.
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60HRL written in 2012. Abstract game about tactical positioning: you and your target have to stand in the right place for an attack to succeed. Sequel in development.
System requirements: Windows, or C++ compiler and Curses.
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Mutant Aristocrats!
24HRL written in 2012 based on Mutant Aliens!. Written to challenge/explore the notion that a roguelike must have procedural content. The map and enemies are hand-designed and all mechanics are deterministic. However, the game plays very much like a traditional roguelike.
System requirements: Windows, or C++ compiler and Curses.
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Mathematical puzzle game. Try to make the target number with simple arithmetic operations. Clicking a button changes the set of buttons available to use.
System requirements: Windows or C# compiler.

Written for the 2013 7DRTS mini-Ludum Dare. Chess crossed with Supreme Commander. Keep your King safe!
System Requirements: Windows or C++ compiler and SFML (Linux performance may be slow)
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Written for the 0 Hour Game Jam 2013. Try to switch all the lights off before you claw your eyes out.
System requirements: Windows or Python

Poachers Will Be Decapitated!
Written for the 7 Day Roguelike Challenge 2014. Descend through 20 levels of a dungeon full of endangered species to kill the last dragon. Don't get caught poaching, or the Society for Conservation and Ecology of Dungeons will try to have you decapitated!
System requirements: Windows, MSVC Runtime 12.0, Python (Linux support coming soon)
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