Saturday, 25 August 2012

Encircled: 60HRL

Download link.

Two and a half days isn't bad. It's got everything I wanted except an evil challenging AI for the bosses (they just run away). Their now-smart minions totally make up for it, though. It still doesn't have any semblance of plot or background, just because I haven't the faintest clue what kind of world this gameplay would make sense in (aside from Conway's Game of Life).

I verified that the game was winnable against mindless random-walker zombies, but I was too busy coding the AI (up to the 60HRL deadline) to test if the AI is actually beatable. So, good luck with that. I'll be putting an effort into winning and post a blog if I succeed.

Summary from the forum thread:

Unlike every other roguelike out there, you can only attack if the terrain surrounding you matches a pattern on your weapon, and you can only hurt someone if the terrain surrounding them matches a pattern on your weapon. All the enemies have the same restrictions.

Slightly inspired by rogue rage, you automatically attack every turn if you can. All you have to worry about is where to go and whether to pick up a different weapon off the floor.

Objective is to slay a certain number of boss enemies on each level. All the other enemies can be ignored, but they'll do their very best to hinder and hurt you.

The dungeon is initially just a random mess of walls and floors, but as you play a level it gets restructured by whoever stands on a terrain alteration button - as long as someone does that, the dungeon will change so that their weapon patterns are more prevalent.

Please comment or email me if you try the game, and especially if you win.
Encircled running on Linux over ssh.

Totally surrounded by 'b's. NOT THE 'B'S! Equivalent to death without an appropriate weapon.

Doing reasonably well on level 1.
... and I just noticed that "hlth" and "wepn" are the wrong way round. That'll be fixed for ARRP, if not sooner.