Friday, 2 August 2013

Overdue Update

Quite a lot's happened since the last update. In order:

  1. Failed to write The Time Travel Trickery Tshallenge's Temporal Tumbledryer within the 7DRL time window.
  2. Started on a less ambitious 2DRL project, Threaky Thriday Thieth.
  3. Completed the game system but failed to write an AI that makes the game worth playing.
  4. Moved house.
  5. Discussed 7DRL failures on Roguelike Radio.
  6. Added several more files to the ideas folder.
  7. Decided Threaky Thriday Thieth would be easier to program and easier to enjoy as a multiplayer game.
  8. Entered the 7DRTS challenge with Schaak!, a large scale real-time chess variant with local multiplayer.
Feedback's starting to come in, and it looks like the main feature request isn't to increase the depth of the production/economy side of the game, but to make it a network game. So that will have to be the priority for future development.

1 comment:

  1. You must love alliteration haha.

    Also, that episode of Roguelike Radio was a good one. Cool stuff