Friday, 8 March 2013

The Time Travel Trick­ery Tshallenge’s Tem­po­ral Tumbledryer

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Partly inspired by timerogue (a 2008 7drl that didn't get very far), and Achron (a strategy game that lets units travel through time), this year I'm going to make an attempt at a roguelike with time travel-based gameplay. The player will pull off various bank/art gallery/museum robberies, until they get caught and some government people rope them into thwarting the plans of an evil genius in a volcano base.

Within the temporal bounds of each mission I'll be aiming for total freedom in time travel - just decide to jump and set a time offset or absolute time, and you go there. Careful timing and flexible planning will be necessary to get around or defeat armed time travellers and guards. I'm not sure how much to reveal about the time travel mechanics at this early stage, but suffice it to say it will be easy to generate paradoxes (the simplest option being to take a step, go back 3 turns, and shoot your past self in the head), and I've spent a lot of time planning out how they should be dealt with (ie. not with immediate failure - some paradoxes may be desirable).

I'll use SFML for display rather than libtcod, just because I haven't had any difficulty with linking it on linux or windows. I'll probably crib some display code from Surrounded.

For those curious, the Temporal Tumbledryer is a critical element in the cycle of stealing things, using the money to refresh supplies, and using the supplies to steal more valuable things. A very noble cause.