Monday, 25 February 2013

Blood Sports

That's right, if you get hurt you spray red circles and white numbers everywhere. The game's plot might mean that the blood splatters don't survive in their current form to the final game, but the system's in place and quite flexible. It also needs to be totally replaced because it's the biggest bottleneck in the game.
In other news, you'll notice the actors are all clustered around the rat-king player character rather than lounging around like the previous screenshots.  That's because pathfinding has finally been added. I've done it in a reasonably generic way - actors follow pathers, which are Dijkstra maps updated each turn. A pather is defined by a set of passable terrain types and a function that determines whether each tile is a target, so all of the AI types in the original Encircled will be expressible quite concisely in this format. At the moment they all behave as simple chasers.
There's really nothing left to do (apart from speeding up the particle system) that doesn't depend on getting Lua integrated, so that will have to be next. Not looking forward to this.

Monday, 18 February 2013


Surrounded now loads spritesheets and Lua files from a mod directory, switches between two spritesheets (with tile sizes determined by Lua) at the press of a button, centres map displays that are smaller than the game window, and smoothly scrolls map displays that are larger than the window. The player sprite is animated, and characters face in the direction they last moved (an aesthetic effect only). Each actor has a green/red health bar on its left, but they're currently upside-down.
Not really progress, but character sprites are randomly selected when spawned, so screenshots look a bit more interesting. Character sprites are all from