Thursday, 25 October 2012

Continuous Space (Continued)

To represent the game in continuous space, I've got a few choices, all of which would probably want OpenGL:
  • Maintain orthogonal top-down perspective, as in the libtcod version. Indicate heightmap by terrain colour and shadows. Sprites for characters, possibly even just circular symbols indicating weapon/shield/armour/skill combination
  • First-person 3D perspective. Would easily justify the restriction on player's field of view. Will probably not be able to getaway with sprites for characters in this case. Would rather not waste time on 3D models.
  • Isometric or variable perspective with 3D models. see above.
  • Isometric perspective with sprites. Cossacks style. This could work very very well. I'm leaning towards this. 2 minutes after publishing this it turns out Cossacks used 3D models pre-rendered in a set number of orientations. Whatever.

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