Friday, 24 August 2012

Encircled: 44.5 hour report

Everything except AI is finished.

Download link

Unfortunately the game is really easy playing against random walkers (it only took me a few tries to win), so I'm going to have to give the AI some claws.
However, unforseen circumstances mean I'm busy until approximately the 2DRL deadline. Which I guess means that this is going to be a 3DRL. Or at least 2.5.

So while this release isn't very indicative of the final version's challenge level, I would be interested to hear whether people feel the variety of weapons between dungeon levels is good. Personally I feel it's a bit too heavy on adjacent (melee) weapons, with visual range weapons showing up slightly too late. Since this is still a debugging version, you can fake a boss kill by pressing capital F if you want to explore the lower levels and see what's on them.You can also take a new random pair of weapons by pressing 'v'. Feel free to experiment and tell me what tweaks you think are needed in the balance of weapons.

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