Thursday, 23 August 2012

Encircled: 24 hour report

24 hours ago (about 3:45 PM on Wednesday) I started writing a small roguelike, intending to finish it in one or two days. It's called Encircled, and its schtick is that actors can only attack if the 8 tiles surrounding them match the first pattern on their weapon. Likewise, they can only cause damage to actors whose position matches the second pattern on the weapon. So, winning is dependent on positioning oneself to avoid damage from all enemies and to be able to deal damage to the enemies that need to be killed (bosses - everything else can be (un)safely ignored). It's also important to exploit the restructuring squares, which when an actor stands on them will remould the dungeon to favour the weapon carried by that actor.

So far, everything's implemented except:
  • Sensible AI (just random walkers for now)
  • Swapping weapons from the floor (at the moment you press 'v' to take a new random pair of weapons)
  • Sensible progression of weapon quality for the player (see above)
  • Plot (I don't think I could possibly think up any narrative excuse for this gameplay)
That means that what I do have is:
  • Combat system implemented: matching rotatable and reflectable weapon patterns against use and target, checking for range. Weapons can affect adjacent enemies, enemies in visual range, or enemies anywhere on the map; weapons can either choose a target at random, or damage all matching enemies.
  • 16 dungeon levels (numbered 1 to 20 with some gaps)
  • Procedural weapons, ordered by a reasonably sensible quality function
  • Procedural enemies, 5 per level, which consist of a weapon plus a health counter
  • Boss fights (kill 21 minus DLevel bosses to win the level)
  • Restructuring pads, which alter the dungeon layout to favour the weapon(s) of the actors standing on them.
  • Activatable assistance displays. One shows where the player can/could attack and where they could attack from, and where the enemies can/could attack and where they could attack from.
  • Three simultaneous keymaps for movement. qweasdzxc, hjklyunm, and 789456123. The only people who will be unable to play this game are dvorak/azerty laptop users with a non-functioning fn key who hate vi keys. And they can jolly well edit the source code.
No download link yet, but I might post a preview version a bit before the deadline. Assuming I don't decide halfway through that it's a 7drl. That's how KleinRL turned into a 14DRL...

Edit: download link.

Also given that this is a long way off from ARRP, I guess for ARRP I'll have to release a bugfix/update version.

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