Friday, 18 May 2012


OK, clustering is unnecessary for now; it's pretty easy to propagate information at the speed of sound without the need for artificial groups of actors. Here follows a video of the normal 16,000-actor gorefest, combined with an argument about which random colour best matches the rusty iron of a 5-decade-old pitchfork.

The main problem here is that the competitive nature of "ideas" in this setup and the actors' undiminished sensitivity to old ideas makes it pretty difficult for new ideas to take hold in large, densely packed groups. I'll keep in mind the need to overcome this issue when I modify the system to convey useful information.

Things I should be able to accomplish just using shouting:
  1. Sharing visual information
  2. Relaying orders
  3. Detecting when a group is surrounded
  4. Facing outwards to counter flank/rear attacks
  5. Getting into box formation
  6. Moving in box formation
  7. Morale, giving up, tactically withdrawing
  8. Probably more
Getting the shouting system to do these things is my next priority. After that I'll probably add some depth to the combat system, which at the moment consists of "if you hit, you have a one-in-four chance to kill".

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