Monday, 30 April 2012

Klein Roguelikes

Despite the blog title, which is more relevant to my first roguelike, this will mostly contain development logs for the strategy roguelike provisionally titled Command.

You'll also see occasional updates for my 2012 7DRL Mutant Aliens! and its deterministic cousin Mutant Aristocrats!. There will be at least one of these before the Annual Roguelike Release Party this September.

Today, writing this blogpost is the most harmful possible form of procrastination, so I'll leave the screenshots and the list of my intentions for Command for the next post.

The repository for Command is on bitbucket (no binary downloads at the moment), so if you want to compile a non-interactive demo where 16,000 troops charge at each other and turn into a long curvy bloodstain at a speed ratio of 10:1 or more, please feel free. That speed ratio will probably decrease as more interesting features get added.

If you feel mortally offended by the way I wrote the makefile and the way I linked SDL (which I'm pretty sure is just about as far from ideal as you can get), then please contact me with a better suggestion.

... OK, you can have a screenshot: